Traffic Offense

If you have been issued a traffic citation in Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Rifle, Eagle, Vail, Basalt, Garfield County, Pitkin County, Eagle County or the surrounding area, you should carefully consider retaining an attorney to represent you in traffic court.  A traffic offense can have serious consequences, such as court fines and increased insurance premiums and depending on your driving record, it may also result in the suspension of your driver’s license.  If you have been cited or arrested for a traffic violation, contact the Law Office of Kip O’Connor at (970) 384-1000 for a free initial consultation.

In Colorado, if a driver over the age of 21 accumulates 12 or more points in any 12 month period or 18 or more points in any 24 month period his or her driver’s license will be suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  For drivers under the age of 21, the point totals are even less.

If you have accumulated too many points and are facing a point suspension, you have the right to contest the suspension and/or request a probationary license at a Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearing.  You also have the right to have a lawyer represent you at that hearing.  Kip O’Connor has many years of experience representing individuals at DMV license suspension hearings and can assist you at all types of DMV hearings.

Depending on your case, there may be numerous viable defenses available that can save you from hefty fines, points assessed against your driving record, possible suspension of your driver’s license and increased insurance premiums.  In many circumstances, a traffic citation can be handled by an attorney without your appearance in court, saving you travel time and money. This can be especially important if you live outside of the State of Colorado or on the Front Range.


Major traffic offenses are misdemeanor traffic crimes that are treated more severely under Colorado law and can result in jail time.  Under Colorado law, if a driver is convicted of three (3) or more major traffic offenses during any seven (7) year period, that person will be designated a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) and he or she will face a five (5) year revocation of their driving privileges.  In Colorado, major traffic offenses include the following:

DUI, DWAI, DUID or Habitual User.

Reckless Driving.

Driving a motor vehicle under suspension or revocation.

Knowingly making a false affidavit or statement or affirming falsely to any matter or thing required by the motor vehicle laws or as to information required in the administration of the motor vehicle laws.

Leaving the scene of an accident involving death or injury.

Vehicular assault, vehicular homicide, or aggravated motor vehicle theft.

A second way for a driver to be designated as a Habitual Traffic Offender is to accumulate ten (10) or more separate traffic convictions, each of which results in four (4) or more points, during any five (5) year period; or if a driver accumulates eighteen (18) or more separate traffic offenses, each of which result in three or less points, during any five (5) year period.  A driver who is designated a Habitual Traffic Offender will face a full five (5) year revocation of their driving privileges.

While some traffic offenses may only result in a small fine and a point assessment, other traffic violations can be categorized as traffic misdemeanors and in some cases a felony.  Without a clear understanding of Colorado’s traffic laws, a person may quickly find them self facing a driver’s license revocation or suspension.  An experienced traffic lawyer may help you maintain your driver’s license and reduce any negative impact to your driving record.

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